Maintenance Programs?

After sending a client an invitation for “Homehints” enewsletter, I received the following:

"Hi Will -

Happy New Year!! I just got your email at the same time I’m putting
together our maintenance calendar for our house. Is there a software
program or a list of typical maintenance items we should be checking for
our house? As you will recall it’s a four story, 6,500 sq house so I’m
creating a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly check list and am
thinking there must be a maintenance plan out there to follow."

Does anyone know of such a program?
Thanks in advance…

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program here

many basic lists of seasonal chores

Here’s the maintenance section of my home owner manual. The last page has seasonal recommendations.

Thanks Guys!

Hey Kevin,

What Homeowner Manual are you using and where did you order it from? I have used different ones but am always trying to better serve my clients and educate them about their home.


I found a lot of that information on the internet and just kinda pieced it together.