Major INACHI Bennie!!!

I’m so impressed with that I’ve been including references to them in my report.
Of course, as a member, we are allowed to reference them on our websites, but I’ve yet to go through that route.
At any rate, my primary objective is to educate my clients, and these articles facilitate that immensely.


*NOTE: Many houses built before 1978 have lead-based paint. Read a fascinating and informative article about lead in paint, plumbing and other areas of the home by clicking this link: *](

Nick, the most productive phone call I’ve rec’d in my HI career was the one you made to me from PA about 7 years ago.

Thanks & Blessings!


They are great articles Russ. Thanks for a HI related thread my friend.

Gosh, Bri . . .
Remember the days when that was what this MB was all about?:roll::D;-):shock:

Forgot about those things.
I gotta think I am not the only one who forgets to look over the home site.

I started doing the same thing. I add at least 1 every report as a macro in HIP. "For more information on bathroom fans, go here: "

I concur!
I have been doing the same…
Great job!

Just had the attic termination thing last night.
Must be a sign from above. (Nick that is )

Nice thing about HIP is that it’s a live link in the report!

Thanks guys i will have to go and read more of these. :smiley: