Major Organizational Announcement at NACHI

I am pleased to formally announce a major organzational change at NACHI. This announcement comes on the heels of lengthy discussions which have been ongoing over the past 2 weeks. Increasing responsibilities and workloads on NACHI staffers, which include day to day operations, new and existing projects, membership, marketing, and general insanity for the World’s largest and best HI org, bar none.

So, with great fanfare, I welcome Deanna Willis as NACHI’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Throughout the past year or so, Deanna has assumed all day-to-day responsibility for the operation of the org, and has done an outstanding job of it. As such this natural, and formal progression, of title and overall responsibility is much deserved.

It will also give Nick the opportunity and ability to focus more attention on the expansion and continued development of NACHI-TV.

Deanna will be taking some NACHI staff to NACHI’s new Washington DC- area offices.

Much success to Deanna in her “new” role, which she has performed suberbly in, for the past year.

Way to go, Deanna!!!

Thank You

We have been working on this for several months. NACHI TV has already taken over 90% of the office in Boulder. I have already moved most of NACHI to the new office in MD.
Operations will completely move after the Convention.

I will also be closer to NACHI’s IT department in PA.

Congrats Deanna! Fine example of the younger generation and what you all can do. Great job and keep up the great work!

As many know, Dee has been in charge of operations for some time. I’m glad her official title finally caught up to her. There were many reasons for NACHI opening a D.C. office and having operatiions run from there (near NACHI’s IT Dept which is in Philadelphia). The Boulder office (now NACHI TV) will miss her much. Dee is the most efficient person I know and can do the work of 10 men.

Congrats Dee. See ya in Washington.

Well deserved, I sure.

Congratulations Dee. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You go girl… congrats Dee…!!!

Congratulations Deanna!!!

(That’s worth a whoop!)

So, tell me…what’s the Washington office address?

Congratulations Ms.Willis and thanks for everything you do for NACHI.

Congratulations Deanna. A position well deserved.

Congrats Dee :wink:

Like our IT and membership department, we are not accepting mail at our operations department. We will continue to sort all mail in Valley Forge and Boulder.

Wow, Dee!

And you thought you were overwhelmed, 15 months ago in Florida!

See, we all knew you had it in you - Major congrats!

Sorry to see you leave the west . . .


Congratulations Dee and good luck in all your endeavors If you have a spare moment please send me the address for the MD / DC. I only live 30 Min’s from DC and would love to see the operation live.


                                                Herman F. Guzman Jr.

I live and operate my business in Maryland. Please let me know when the office is set up, I would like to stop in and introduce myself. In addition, if you need any volunteer work done, and I have the time, I will help out when I can :slight_smile:


Congrats Dee. I am not sure relocating from Colorado to Maryland is a bonus though.

Yeah, kind of like; Mars versus Maui…decisions, decisions.

Congrats Dee :stuck_out_tongue: Is Nick letting you take the vette with you to use for business of course…:mrgreen:

We will miss your smiling face in Colorado. Be sure and let us know when you are in town.