Make additional profit on every inspection serviced by private well. New meter!

Pays for itself in only a few inspections.

Order now, supplies limited.

Nick, how much does it weigh and how much could be made per inspection,(Ballpark) for this service? Thanks

I used to do it with a bucket and a pressure gauge, but the bucket took too long and the bucket is why I could only charge $75.

Do you have any idea how much it weighs?

Under 10 pounds, very light.

Kenneth, I’ll loan you one if you want to check it out? What is your shipping address?

Great, I would love to check it out, there is a need for this service in this area. Thanks Nick, Ken P.S. I will email my address to you.

Watch this new marketing show on it:

Nick, it came today on Fed-X. Nice piece of kit! Real professional looking and I love that tripod. Thanks, Ken

BTW, any inspectors in North Ga. that would like to see it in person, send me a PM and I will meet you. It comes in a sturdy hardshell case too.

man o man…i could have used this last week. I’ve been doing alot of private wells lately…this might be an investment I have to make.