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Hey Guys,

 While I am working on a project I will have time to produce some short educational videos on specific topics. If you have a great , clean image of a panel that you would like me to do a training video on just let me know and send me the image.

  If you have a home inspection electrical issue you want more education on just let me know. Due to video quality limits for upload clear and provide good high megapixel images.

Paul, while I don’t have any photos or video , I do have a question. The hardest part of an electrical panel inspection for me is determining if the panel is bonded correctly. Could you do a short training video on different ways a panel can be bonded and what to look for as far as bonding screws and straps. Thanks

Sure…I will come up with some good images for it. Now give me a bit because today I am packing to leave town as I am starting a new job in Alexandria,VA next week and have alot going on.