I’m a new inspector. I’ve been basically googling real estate agencies in a particular area and go hand out flyers and business cards. I’m killing my gas budget, not to mention some of the addresses are not a real estate office or no longer there. Is there a better way??? any assistance would be greatly appreciated

What state are you in?

For starters, this is what your website shows:

Im in Georgia

I think your website is misspelled on your​ profile contact info

Your right it was
Thank You

and still is

Is this it?

The best marketing advice is to read everything thread here:


Its a slow process. I know, Im not far ahead of you. I think most realtors are afraid of the unknown. They dont want to trip at the finish line with some new bone headed inspector blowing up the sale.

It just takes one friendly face. Find that face. Ive got two offices using me now. Once they see how you conduct yourself they will use you more and more. Before long, if you do good work, you will be their go to guy. They all know each other too. So word will spread.

Hang in there, I thought my first would never come. You will get your shot.