Making a six-figure salary using the Five P's

Making a six-figure salary using the Five P’s.

Already wondering what the Five P’s are? Well, you have two ways to find out:

1 - Come to the Marketing Seminars at the NACHI Convention in Toronto being chaired by me (Russel Ray), or

2 - Wait until after the convention when I will post them on the NACHI Message Board in the Members Only Area (so you’ll have to become a NACHI member at that time).

Everyone attending the Marketing Seminars at the NACHI Convention in Toronto being chaired by me will receive a complete editable copy of my SOLUTIONS home inspection library (over $1,100 worth of files normally available for $99 to NACHI members).

There will also be gift certificates to Borders Books and Music (can also be used at but I have not decided yet how to award them. Come to the seminars and find out.

There will be a one-page handout and lots of pens available at the seminars.

Additionally, I will be offering a one-on-one Marketing Materials Critiquing Service for Convention attendees. You must bring three copies of whatever marketing materials you want me to look at, one for me to mark up, one for you to follow along on as I mark up the other one, and one for me to keep. Simply contact me at 619-461-1600 or email me at to make an appointment.

Well it looks like those of us that paid for your Solutions are SOL. Since you are now giving it away for free it will lose its value of being a unique product.

That would be true only if there were 25,000 home inspectors attending my seminars at the convention.

SOLUTIONS is what each individual makes of it, no different from someone buying reporting software like InspectVue for full price, only to find it at half price at the next convention. You’re better than that.

I have also just decided to take an extra suitcase full of stuff that I bought for my marketing but have not used and, of course, but will no longer need, such as boxes of CD mailers. They’ll all be given away at the marketing seminars. I’ll see what I can find. There won’t be any used stuff, though.

RR, you need one of those bear proof suits, no matter which way you turn someone takes a swipe at you. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d say you came back as a ping pong ball.

It’s kind a like a Garage sale where you try to sell
things to strangers that you can’t even give to your

I know. But I think that Greg was smart enough to take SOLUTIONS and run with it when he got it, so he should have a significant head start on his competitors who might show up in Toronto.

Well, your comment certainly doesn’t say much about Greg, but I believe he is much more than you will ever be. Additionally, my CPA, bankers, and creditors sure liked the $27,000 in extra income that IRS and Solutions brought in over the two years that I made them available to NACHI members only at minimal cost. The fact that I choose to make SOLUTIONS available to more people in order to HELP them should be accepted as a gracious act rather than one to be summarily dismissed. Nonetheless, there are about 10 people here at NACHI who rarely have anything positive to say. Fortunately, Greg is not one of them.

My comment was just an expression of my personnel feelings. I did buy RR’s Solutions and am now using it with my business. I think it is a great program. I am just disappointed that everyone will have it now. So all of the hours I put into editing it to conform to my area will be wasted as every NACHI member can do it now that it is available for free. With that being the case it no longer will be a unique product.

Not everyone. Only those who attend my seminars at the Convention. Do you think that all your Florida competitors will be going to my seminars at the Convention?

So you think that all 10,000 NACHI members will be going to the Convention and my seminars (well, about 9,990 anyway–we know there won’t be about 10 there)?

It sounds like you made it into a unique product:

That’s what you were supposed to do, and I knew darn good and well that you had done it.

It is your product and you may do with it as you wish. As a paying customer I was just expressing my disappoint with hearing that you are going to give it away for free.

Good Luck at the convention. I am just sorry that you didn’t do it last year. I would have enjoyed seeing you.

That’s understandable, but it’s also part of life. A few weeks ago I paid $39.95 for a cool book on the Union Pacific Railroad. Three days later, it was $5 in the mark-down bin. And Jim, my Domestic Partner, who worked at Borders for 27 years and knows everyone there and knows to keep an eye out for cool books could have told me that it was going to be in the mark-down bin in three days. Yep, that extra $34.95 (and tax) could have bought a lot of margaritas.

Thanks. I suspect that we’re going to meet sometime in the near future.

This surprises you?:shock:

There’s a big difference in the markdown bin at a bookstore, and screwing over the people you hyped up on buying your product a few months ago, only to give it away a few months later. Unfortunately, what nobody realizes is that you HAVE to give away this material at the seminar. Otherwise you wouldn’t HAVE a seminar. This is all you got.

Fortunately for the people at the convention, since they are getting it for free, they won’t feel completely screwed. Just the ones you already milked for their hard earned cash.

One day soon Russel, I suspect sooner than you think, everyone will see you for the snake charmer you really are. The thread Troll. Then the game will be up. But it won’t matter will it? Because you will have already got your take, and you’ll move onto the next scam won’t you?


Sounds like you need a snake to charm you thread queen.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s the thread queen?

Who’s already milking it and telling GREG that he is BASHING HIM?!

Gosh, I think I’m going to throw up.

Someone pass me a jalapeno popper and a beer.

yikes. i bought solutions for, what, fifty bucks, & its now free. so what? yesterday i was happy with it and when its free i’m not supposed to be happy about it? it wasn’t a thousand or five hundred or even ninety-nine dollars. is it disappointing - ya, for an instant until you come to your senses.

rr had an original idea, he has ownership of his work and he has every right - legal or otherwise - to do as he wishes with his creation. maybe next monday it will be back on sale for twenty-seven grand!

i’m sure that you, too, can create something worth selling or giving away or both.
good luck with that.

This might help


I guess you must have really liked my recipes!:smiley:

For another stuffing ingredient try large chunk feta cheese, and also try some Chorizo sausage\:D/

The biggest problem with buying your meds from an offshore discount pharmacy is they are often late. :smiley:

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