Making a Website on Inspector Pages


I finally sent my web site to Nick for “Website of the Month” and he replied asking me who created it.

Actually it was my first attempt at creating a web site from scratch and he seemed surprised that I did it myself.

Not that difficult really, especially if you’re computer literate.

Thanks Nick! and thanks for

I wish everything was that simple!

Thanks. For more info visit

And if you can’t built it yourself like Curtis, Kevin will build it for you. No extra charge.

Curtis, looks good but take the Google Ads off your site. It makes you look bad!

Oops, I think I’m looking at your old site, Your inspectorpages site looks fine.

Hi Nick,

Who is Kevin?

Some nice site choices there…!

I love InspectorPages and I dropped my site with Grassfrog (after about 7 years) and went with InspectorPages. I highly recommend it.

Your sites are nice, Jim.

Thanks, Dale. One is doing well with SEO and the other is not, although I have done basically the same things with both.