Malaysian Airliner Shot Down over Ukrane

Passenger plane…not good.

295 innocent lives lost with a possible 23 U.S. citizens among them…not good is right. :shock: Rest in peace…

Whoever pulled the trigger should be found, how hard could it be? This is an expensive weapon, there are so many of them, easy to find out how many in the immediate area and I’ll bet they already know who did this.

Person should be found and brought to justice.


Main terrorist seems to be Putin.


There are 27 BUK missle launchers in the Ukranian army, who knows how many Russia has?
BUK missle launchers are mobile, set up or break down in 5 minutes.
They have 4 rockets in the tube that lock and launch in 22 seconds.
They can go 15 miles and 72,000 feet up
Cost is 60 million dollars each

The rebels recently stole a BUK from either Russia or the Ukraine, I don’t remember which.

The Russians already know who shot down the plane, they are deciding how to do blame or damage control before announcing this news.