Mallory diverts more member's money for her own personal use.

I think their lawyer just wants to get paid…by anyone!

He probably noticed their bank account balance dwindling and wanted to take a stab at seeing if he could con a judge into making NACHI pay him, just in case.

That motion is a typical abuse of a legal document to use as a vehicle to intimidate NACHI members from speaking their minds. Cute! What a shameful waste of NAHI members money.

I am making a motion, now.

I am making it with my middle finger.

Can you see my motion, Mallory?

And this is why i dislike you.
You are vulgar and disgusting.
I think you should shrivel up and fade away. you are not doing anyone justice, only harm.

Perhaps YOUR motion will make it in HER next motion.

Hmmm, I wonder if you can include pictures in a motion.


Matter of fact give me your address, I have some nice new razor blades I could send to you, perhaps a nice warm bath would be fitting right about now. Remember to slice upward lenghtwise not across.
As long as you belong here i will not.
I know Mallory personally, she is a nice person, which I am sure one cannot say about you.

Get over yourself!

NACHI and it’s members have suffered years of mocking, being lied about, and being called names on many public forums and other venues. Some of NAHI members sole purpose has to been destroy the good name and legal livelihoods of many NACHI inspectors, every way they can.

What has been happening to PA NACHI members is what is vulgar.

Including NACHI members posts to try to bolster their fallacious claim than NACHI is somehow in violation of the settlement and to try to intimidate our members evidence of the devious way they have been conducting themselves. That is what is disgusting.

I have never been a fan of James, but in this case he is on the money. Mallory and company need to read between the lines.

Wow. Mallory certainly has some very, very strange friends.:smiley:

I met Mallory and I am sure that she is a nice person. I think that she has been so poisoned by some NAHI members and leaders and they have strutted her out there to take the heat for them. It is rare to read a deposition where someone uses so much circular thinking and evasiveness.

I don’t really blame her but she staked out a position and acted upon it with little to no factual basis and that is going to cost her. I have little doubt that she actually believes that if NACHI had named itself something else that it would have changed their fortunes. Unfortunately, being nice does not cut it when it comes time to actually proving something like that.

Mallory has actively engaged in conversations and presumably other activities in conjunction with “leaders of other associations” to put home inspectors who are members of NACHI out of business.

For this, she will certainly be held accountable. Martha Stewart is a “nice lady”, too, but she still did her time in a federal prison.

She can’t be that nice, she has let NACHI’s very own horndog Jim Bushart into her hot briefs, and thats a fact, Jack. :mrgreen:

Unfortunately for her it is one of the costs of doing business.

I do think that she has probably taken enough of a beating for one night. Save something for their next big effort.

Ahhhh poor nacho members are victims, due to Being mocked and lied about.:roll: :roll:

What about all the non nachi members that gromicko bashed, called names, mocked , lied about, and tried to destroy their legal livelihoods for the past 5 plus years, ??:roll: :roll: :roll:

It’s time for an org to finally stand up for it’s members, and our profession, ashi did not do it, hopefully nahi will finally succeed and put this crap to rest.


Ok so where have you been lied about? An online test? No previous inspections needed? no experience needed apply within.
I think it is you who needs to get over themselves. T
I find it quite amusing how you can bash us ( nahi) yet we cannot say **** about you without being the bad guys.
I have really tried to put this behind me, but when i read **** like Bushart and you i get really pissed off.
I have not once bashed you guys yet you continue to bash us.
Fine, i am done with this ****, You want it you got it. Nachi has **** for requirements, nick loves to push his, we front end our people, Give me a ****ing break , my daughter passed the test with flying colors.
She can be certified like the rest of you yahoos and go out to the unsuspecting public and make beleive.
remember you guys drew first blood so be ready for ths **** to hit the fan.
i tried to make all get along, but when you bash someone that is undeserving of this, i draw the line.
I will send off some cyanide koolaid for bushie and the rest who feels this way can go **** themselves. i am done with you assholes.

John, you need to be careful not to let your anger rule you, this could be taken as a threat. The only winners in this will be the lawyers. They win no matter who gets hurt.

Compared to no entry exam, no previous inspections needed and you get your experience with 250 inspections performed for an unsuspecting public.

NAHI members have actively tried to destroy NACHI and its members with self-serving BS for so long, it is laughable that you would even suggest this.