Man door to the garage-required to have auto close hinges?


Just wanted to see what the latest is on auto close hinges on the man door between the garage and the house. I know it is a great idea but, the question is it required? Had someone just whip out an old IRC code book (Circa 2005) and quote it to me as not being but, that was 11 years ago. How about now?

Yes, it is required.
No time to whip out the IRC right now but someone will.

yes and also needs to have a gasket to keep out car fumes

The requirement was added to Section R302.5.1 of the 2012 cycle of the IRC. Whether it is required from a code perspective depends on the current building standards for your jurisdiction.

I would report lack of a self-closing device as deficient, referring to the model building code as my authoritative source.

Man Door???
Not really politically correct is it?;-):mrgreen:

In the event you did not know the codes are available for free viewing here . Now you can check on the latest of everything IRC! :smiley:

Yep, required in FL as well. Personally, I hate 'em. The wife and I are having a home built right now and the job super pointed it out to me like it was a wonderful thing.

I looked at him and said “Yeah, my wife will love that…as she is trying to bring groceries in from the car with her hands full”.

I guess it’s a good thing for those in the masses that are more prone to the effects of darwinism. Everyone in my house however, has a brain in their head and can shut the Garage service door when we’re done with it.

What a novel idea…

Self closers not required in Minnesota. Some building inspectors may enforce but most won’t. Burn rating is all I go on.

They were required and then they weren’t. At this time, they are required for “rated doors”, but not for all doors. I always recommend as a safety issue. I find 50% have missing pins. It all depends on your AHJ.

Here is another one that will drive people nuts.

A nice 6 panel wood door is installed. The door is routed out to form the “panel” pattern. Put those patterns back to back and almost every time you have less than an inch of wood. Sure doesn’t meet the minimum 1 3/8 inch thickness. Do you call those out?

Sits eating popcorn and waits…

Not if it has a label.

If what has a label?


If the door is factory built and is labeled to meet the minimum burn through rate I don’t question if it’s a paneled door and the panels are less than 1 3/8" thick.

I have never seen a self closer on a garage-to-house door around here…ever…even on newer construction.

Not in Florida either…Where are you at?

"Section R309.1 - Doors between an attached garage and a residence must be either, a solid wood door not less than one and three-eighths inches thick, a solid or honeycombed core steel door not less than one and three-eighths inches thick or a 20 minute fire-rated door. Any glass in the door must be fixed and have a 20 minute fire rating. "

National Fire Safety Code. In any case, it makes safety sense. Remember, we are not code inspectors and are not limited to codes, especially where safety is concerned.

That’s an older code in FL. Closers are now required (again) since the latest FBC 2014 came out.

so good. :slight_smile: