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A Fellow Electrician Needs Help February 27, 2015


On February 3rd electrical contractor Blake Johnson, was on a trip with family and friends at the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. He was out for a run and on the way back he decided to take a short cut. That shortcut ultimately changed the course of his life.

This back way to the hotel was blocked by a four foot fence. Blake, an avid athlete (he recently completed an Ironman) decided that this fence would be easy to clear. Unfortunately, in the process he slipped and landed on his head which caused him to break his neck.

After his fall he realized he could not move any part of his body and he laid there in this isolated area. Blake started to get desperate and he decided to use his face to try to push himself up, and this may have further increased the damage to his spine. When he was unable to get up and help himself he accepted the fact that he might not make it and he spent this time thanking God over and over again for the life that he had. Finally, a stranger walking by saw him.

It took his family over 36 hours to fly him back to the U.S. since his insurance refused to foot the bill for the airlift. After they finally raised $16,000.00 they got him transported back to the states. He has had one surgery, and one procedure and the prognosis is grim. Blake broke the C4 and C5 disks in his neck, what is considered a COMPLETE spinal cord injury, the worse kind that you can have.

Blake has been a pillar of his community for many years; he is loved by friends, family, and his community. He has built these relationships from his work with his company, his work with several churches in his area, and his days as a Marine. We were notified about his condition by a fellow electrician who had heard him preach previously at his church and asked for our help to get the word out. Blake is a 3rd generation electrician, and because of this tragedy he is in the process of closing down his business, Triad Electric. Not only has his family lost their business but his wife will now have to care for Blake indefinitely. His friend Michael told us that their main goal is making sure that this family does not lose their home.

This is a senseless tragedy that will have lifelong implications for this family. If you feel that you would like to help a fellow electrician and his family, please click here . No act of help is too small.

Our company will be donating to this cause and we felt inspired to share the story with others.

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