Man Flys With Jet On His Back

Just watched the National Geographic show.

Excellent, I want one.


Thats crazy cool!

The military might like this idea…:slight_smile:

This guy is awesome!:stuck_out_tongue:

The Iranian Military will love it for sure. Wait till they get their hands on a few of those. Strap on a small briefcase nuke and off they go…

Is there a way to mount a ladder/tool bag on that wing and fly to inspections? Cut down on standing still in traffic and what an entrance. Hey you’re the inspector who flys and lands at the house to inspected. Memorable and great marketing ploy.

My luck, I would get the wrong address and be out of fuel and about three miles away.

With My luck, there will be no key and locked doors.

Do you fill your pants when you see the missel behind you catching up?