Man kills scores of animals with poison intended to ward off coyotes

Here is a nut case for ya!

If someone poisoned my bear up here in the mountains, I’d dig a hole to bury him… and I don’t mean the bear.

Temik is a VERY potent restricted use pesticide.
You need a special permit & license for use.
There are 3 EPA “signal words” for classification:
Caution/Warning/Danger. This stuff has a danger label (skull & crossbones).

I have a state lawn & ornamental license and this is not a material I want to be near. Quite toxic, even dermal to the touch.

The jerk-a s s who killed “non-target” pests with it should do time behind bars.
It also puts my pest control industry in a bad light. :mad:

What a dumbass.

Agreed, Total Dumb****,