Man o Man have we screwed things up.

If this is even 1/4 correct it means massive coastal inundation around the globe. Which means global upheaval on an unprecedented scale. And you can figure out the rest from there…:frowning:

And not some far off time frame either, we’ve really messed things up for us and a whole lot of other species as well.

Humans will adapt as ever but there will probably be far less of us and on a lot less interesting planet.

Uh huh:roll:

Actually, it’s the seas that are rising not the sky falling. :wink:

It won’t be long before The Republic of the Marshall Islands will have to abandon their home to the sea.

uh huh

Were you born that obtuse?

There are a bunch of civilizations under the waves, from back before what we are told causes this stuff even existed…

What say you?

Were is most of the global warming events occurring? In coastal cities like Baltimore. When you go swimming, all that activity will cease to cause the alleged ice melt (and we will be freezing our azz off again)…

When the water rises, what will happen to the gulf stream that warms Greenland? Again, you screw up something and Nature will put it back on tract (not that you will like it, or still be around if you can’t tread water)…

The Colorado River has eroded a big chunk of the earth, called the Grand Canyon. But the the Colorado River gets higher (rather than lower) in elevation each year. Comprehend that…

Don’t be a Nit, Witt.
You, nor I know what will happen in the future.
No need to promote and make someone else rich on such schemes.

Let’s not forget all the radioactive crap found just slightly above the ocean waves that could be under water soon.

This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it’s leaking

Lets build more electric cars to plug into those nuke plants!!

Its the only way they make any sense. The only way:D

Fox News.
Gotta love it!

Stupid warmists. They will believe anything:(


I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the reactors were Gen 3 or greater. Or better yet, maybe a Thorium-based reactor though we wouldn’t be able to make bombs.

Thorium is the way to go.

The first to have working reactors online WINS

America is no longer competitive.

We will be buying from others.

I’ll be very happy if global warming turns out to be nothing but at this point I don’t think we’ll be so lucky.
Just too much mounting evidence.

If it is real then it appears we are already too late to stop it or delay its effects.
Is so then we are in trouble.

None of this would have ever come to light, and we would still be walking around blindly and uninformed, if Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet. :roll:

Now, not only are we doomed, but we know our destiny before it happens. Thanks a lot, Al Gore, for inventing Global Warming AND the internet, it seems both are leading the planet into a black hole. :mrgreen:

Well done Mr. Clark! :smiley:

Really the whole thing is a huge experiment.
Start experiment with no humans on thriving planet.
Add 7 billion humans to planet, burning fires, driving cars, belching factories and power plants, heating and cooling homes, businesses etc. etc.

Outcome of experiment is as yet unknown but we may find out sooner than we’d like! :shock:

We are extinct in the end under every scenario, but it won’t be from manmade global warming.

Hmmm, thats a contradiction there Chuck. :wink:

I didn’t bring up our extinction, just the potential for massive change to
the status quo.