Man this one is a doozy

Took me a while to realize what happened here. They removed the vinyl siding to attach the carport to the house. They just stuffed the gable vent with insulation…

What did you report and recommend ?

Demolition of the car port. :mrgreen:

WOW!! DEAL KILLER:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Juan mixed Exhaust venting. Explain the defects please.
Are there structural building defects. Its a car port. I look to see if carports are allowed being built in the jurisdiction. Secondly I ask my clients to ask for all building receipts and BUILDING PERMITS.

Its not uncommon to seal off a gable vents. Its recommended in cases.
If the attic space has soffit venting then its recommend to close off gable vents and other venting systems IE power venting. Electric mechanical fans and turbines.
If not there are dead zones and a weaken flow.
Sometimes extra soffiting is needed. That’s all.

Deck vent hole size and amount per sqft. One 12" inch or 144 sq" hole in the deck for every 300’ - 400’ sqft of ceiling attic space.

The Problem - Gable Vents
Gable vents were originally designed for wood roofs. If your roof has been converted to a deck and composition roof, gable vents should be blocked. And, more intake ventilation (soffit vents) should be added. This will cause the cool air to enter from the bottom and exit through the top of the attic. This eliminates windwashing through the gable vents. By not blocking the gable vents, the air in the bottom part of the attic can become stagnant. This creates hot zones during the summer, and during the winter the underventilated areas can lead to condensation, mold and mildew. Read more.


I thought the photos enough to suggest this carport was not built by a professional.

Second, the website you provided does not seem credible. I think they are assuming all composition roofs have ridge vents. Most of them here in VA do not.

I wanted to hear a simple narrative on structure Juan. The gable venting need a narrative. The links took me 3 seconds on Google.

The photos are not exampling your implications.

The purpose of my post.
Explanation of defects can sometimes be avoided. IE: ( In Tierum County the attachment of carports to the main buildings structure are prohibited sense 2006. The carport was built in 2009.

See what out building structures or attachments are permitted where you inspected the home Juan.

Recommend: The city be notified to see if the car port can remain.
Pass it on to the municipal AJH. :slight_smile: