Manablock in rated wall

New home inspection. AT the rear garage wall between the home and garage a manablock water system was installed. The installation does not seem correct. SEE Picture.
I would think this would not be allowed, since the garage ceilings/ walls should be rated and this appears to be an opening in the wall assembly. Any comments would be appreciated.

060523-01 035.JPG

060523-01 034.JPG

As long as the enclosure is rated (usually steel), it’s not a problem. This is quite common in new construction.

Jeff, can you plese explain. If you look at the first picture there is a 2x4 and insulation running through the opening. Wouldn’t the steel enclosure not allow this. Thanks

In the first picture is there a steel cover for the manifold box?
If not, then from what you have described it compromises the wall rating integrity.

If the home has a certificate of occupancy, someone approved it (city, county).

It looks fine to me, if the the covers were on.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

The metal covers have a rated capacity, usually higher than the drywall.

CA specifically addresses electrical enclosures and does not allow them to penetrate the rated wall. But other listed components are allowed as long as properly installed and sealed.

James, are there covers for the enclosures shown in your pictures???:roll:

If so good, if not bad.:slight_smile:

Good point Brian. I am assuming that there are covers for these enclosures. . .

O.K , went back to property and heres what I got.
Covers are plastic. But it appears what they have done is created a chase inside of the garage for the manablock and piping. But I really couldn’t verify that the wall assembly was rated.
see pic

060523-01 049.jpg

060523-01 056.jpg

James, I think your are correct, there does seem to be a chase there and the back wall of that chase is the separation wall for the garage. Since this is a new home is there any chance you could stop by the sales office or the construction shack and take a look at the construction drawings? I’ve done that a couple of times on new homes and the builder’s rep didn’t seem to mind.

A chase would be proper if the enclosures are not listed and rated, which would likely be the case if they are plastic.