Managing reviews

I’m looking for some insight or info on how to best manage customer reviews and or complaints. I have been an energy auditor for many years and have recently decided to branch into complete home inspections. I’m starting to be a bit concerned about customer complaints/ lawsuits. it seems inherent that many clients have many misconceptions about what a home inspector can actually find and or be responsible for. In turn at some point causing unsatisfied customer. Is there a way to manage this or are you mostly just at the mercy of the internet age? where anyone can say anything they want in regards to your services. Thanks for any insight this forum has been invaluable

I always tried to manage my clients expectations on the phone before the inspections and during it e.g. my SOP, what I can and can’t see by showing them, etc.

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Thanks. Yeah i think i have a good handle on managing expectations upfront. I have prepared talking points and documents that hopefully ensure that people understand the process and what they can and cannot expect from the different tiers of inspections and assessments. I didn’t know if there was a way to manage review content really. i don’t anticipate to many complaints but i don’t think anyone ever does.