Mandatory home inspections in California?

looks like they want to put us out of business.

They are attempting to do this in Naples Florida - Collier county. They don’t want homes that are unsafe to hit the market. We met with them just a few weeks ago and they had no idea what it takes to inspect a home and they admitted it and they are now working closely with us.

They just want all the homes that have highly illegal additions and health concerns to be reported. Many houses have the garage transformed into a guest house. Mold all throughout the residence…stuff like that…

We’ve seen the whole mandatory city safety inspections for real estate transfers before and none have lead to city employees replacing home inspectors. Safety is but a small portion of a home inspection SOP. Overall, any publicity about unsafe homes helps the home inspection industry.

But there is probably going to be people/real estate professional who will think this is an “inspection”. I want to know if the municipality is going to be “liable” for oversites?

Time for video on home safety?

Come on…you have seen the houses. Can you come up with a video that would encompass all the possible safety issue? Hell we have seen second story doors with no landing or stairs! I would never have thought to tell someone you needed one, I would ASSUME. I know I know…but someone will sue you because you never told them not to stick their wanker in the disposal and turn it on!

Its all about the money:mrgreen: