Mandatory Home Inspections recommended!

OMG! HGTV - If ever there was a reason to make Home Inspections a mandatory part of your home buying experience, this is it!

What is the problem. All they were doing is stripping paint.

Video’s not available anymore! What did you do Len?:frowning:

We’ve got a morning of it on TV this morning. I can’t watch anymore, I’m cringing.

We’ve had a couple of girls decide to do a basement bathroom renovation. First thing they do is knock down a Cinderblock supporting wall. Then one of them cuts a live wire to a bathroom cabinet because she can’t be bothered to shut the power off.

Another couple decide to swap their Kitchen with their living room. OMG, cringe, cringe, cringe. Gas, Electrics, Waste, Water, Framing, Drywall Arghhh!

Another couple, Kitchen reno. Found mold on the drywall above the cabinets, no problem! cover it up with more drywall!

These have got to be actors! I cannot believe this really goes on, and they get away with it. Especially as the wallies have opted to be televised!

Not seen one from Canada yet, am waiting with bated breath!

This wasn’t the worlds worst handyman was it?

Unfortunatly, its a reality building show, its amazing they have not killed someone yet.

I thought the same Leonard :shock:
My wife told me to stop yelling at the tv.

My favorite words are Holy crap!!!:mrgreen:

uhh, you don’t really think reality shows are real do you guys? (If you do, please email me privately regarding some exclusive investment opportunities.)


Mike Holmes Inspections expands into British Columbia

TORONTO, Feb. 19, 2014 /CNW/ - Mike Holmes Inspections is pleased to announce it has expanded its service areainto British Columbia, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond and Surrey.
Mike Holmes Inspections is now serving areas in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
“We’re going across the country,” stated Mike Holmes, President of Mike Holmes Inspections.
“Everyone deserves a proper home inspection—one that protects their home and their investment.
My guys are trained to do it right.”
Residents of Vancouver and surrounding areascan book a Mike Holmes Inspection online or by calling their Customer Service division,
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
“Expanding into BC was the next logical step,” stated Ashley Shojaie, Director of Mike Holmes Inspections. Mike Holmes’ contractor referralservice,
Holmes Referred Contractors also recently launched in Vancouver.
“Demand for our service in BC has grown every year,” added Shojaie.
“But before moving in we needed to make sure we had the necessary resources in place to effectively serve clients and maintain our level of service.
We expanded our internal services, restructured our booking system and increased our number of trained Inspectors.”
Clients receive a copy of Mike’s book, The Holmes Inspection and can take advantage of additional services, such as the first ever
Canadian HomeHistory Reportfor any property.
All Mike Holmes Inspections also include RecallChek, a service verifying if recalls have been issued on any appliances in the home at the time of inspection,
including the furnace, air conditionerand/or water heater. If a recall has been issued, information is provided on how to receive full repairs free of charge.
For more information on Mike Holmes Inspections, please visit:](
About Mike Holmes Inspections
Mike Holmes Inspections is an independent home inspection servicecompany.
Through the integration of advanced technologies and sophisticated industry techniques it provides thorough, fair and educated assessments of building structures and their related systems.
Mike Holmes Inspections also invests in the development and augmentation of industry standards through collaborations and third-party ventures with educational institutions and industry associations.
SOURCE Mike Holmes Inspections
For further information:
For all queries regarding Mike Holmes Inspections, please contact:
Ashley Shojaie, Director

Well there is one good thing about the make up of the MCS panel, Mike Holmes wasn’t on it! :wink: