(Eli Klugmann) #1

Would you say anything about this? VC At left is from water heater. Or would you advise installing a Y manifold. I guess what I should have done, was run the hot water until the water heater went on, turn up the thermostat on the forced air furnace, and then hold a smoking match or mirror to the water heater to check for backdrafting. Is that what you would have done? There was no evidence of any backdrafting.

(Erik Schmidt) #2

What’s a VC and what’s a Y manifold? If that is a gas appliance vent duct tape does not belong. Terms for round pipe I understand can be found here
Transitions & Connectors - Ducting & Venting - The Home Depot

(Eli Klugmann) #3

Thank you Erik for responding.
VC= Vent connector
Y= Wye

Am I using the wrong terms?
Yes, gas, and I did notice that duct tape.

(Eli Klugmann) #4

So can anyone tell me what I should say about this? Thanks

(Erik Schmidt) #5

A better picture would help, if the pipe on the left with the elbow is the chimney and there are no dips the connection (a Tee sometimes called a bullhead) is OK, but there is all that duct tape which does not belong, so you would be safe to say it needs a qualified person to fix it.

(Eli Klugmann) #6

Here’s another picture, thanks.

(John Olson) #7

Are they using the duct tape to encapsulate asbestos?

(Erik Schmidt) #8

Duct tape does not belong, Tee connection is OK. Single wall pipe gas appliance vent connectors need at least 6 inches clearance from combustibles, looks as if the furnace connector does not have that. Get an HVAC or gas appliance tech to fix.