Mansard Flashing Detail?

In Florida, this is the norm (see photo) for terminating the low slope modified bitumen to the steep slope shingles. It isn’t right, though. This should have metal flashing, IMO.
What are your thoughts on this? Would you report on it needing proper flashing?
BTW, this roof was just permitted, installed, and inspected in Florida 2 months ago.



The roofing manufacturer’s installation instructions should cover necessary flashing details. Most manufacturer’s instructions are available for free online. I am with you, I would like to see some metal flashing at that intersection.

I see that installation frequently.

Correct me if I’m wrong but in the first photo the shingles are sloping down to a flat roof correct? If the flat roof material is installed under the shingles I don’t see a need for flashing there.

On the 2nd photo it looks like a flat roof with shingles sloping down and away from the higher flat. If so then water would be running off the flat roof behind the shingles. That would need some sort of transition flashing detail imho.

Steep-slope above low slope isn’t real likely to leak until the roll roofing fails anyway, although technically its should have metal flashing. Not a big deal.

Low-slope above steep slope is more likely to leak without flashing at the transition, and I’d mention that in the report.