Manual For A Happy Home

We need your opinion for the next printing of InterNACHI’s Manual. Do you use the three-hole punch?

You can view the manual here

I hand them to the client at the inspection. Report is emailed.

3 hole punch is good, however, for agent binder.

Yes, keep the holes. Even though I may not use a binder the client may want to keep it in one along with other homeowner information.

Would it be possible to have some printed with and without holes? That way when ordering inspectors can choose what they prefer. Just a thought.

Keith, I would perhaps charge extra for the three hole punches. I would only use the plain version. Have you seen this yet? I would like to see your response.

Keith’s response HERE

I would charge extra for the whole version.:slight_smile:

Seriously it is good to have,and you do not have to use it.

How about just one-hole so they can put it on their keyring?:slight_smile:

I have a small three ring paper binder/folder that I give to them at the inspection. It includes their receipt for the inspection, Illinois SOP, a copy of the pre-inspection agreement, the manual and of course, a few business cards. Report goes out via e-mail.


Yes, keep the three ring holes.

I’d prefer to hand the the manual to the client with holes.

Prefer holes for 3 ring binger

Yes, please leave the 3-holes! (@ no extra cost preferably)

Why don’t you purchase them without holes and then buy you a $1.99 handle held hole puncher. That way you can punch them per order. You know me I am always thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Keith,

I like the 3 holes as well, it makes them lighter, and more aerodynamic :mrgreen:

Hope this helps


Thee holes. No holes. Twenty seven holes. Doesn’t matter. It is a great compilation and a welcome addition to my inspection package.

I remember my first three-holer. How could you forget??:p:p:p

If you don’t have a copy of Inspect and Protect, send me your address and I’ll send you one free, for being the nicest response to the poll. It will please or depress you, but either way it’s free.

You’re a twit, of course, but when you talk I and others who wish to learn listen.

Everyone else, thanks for sharing.

Was she a cubby gal?

Kinda funny that I helped change a few things in this book, but NO recognition…Remember Nick, Russell, and ??? Tom I think. If you think about it we were at the ITA convention and I noticed some deficencies about the Swimming Pool section and the Fireplace section that should be updated, this is when the book was still in its pre-production stage.

I swear I have no recollection of this, which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I did make some changes to the pool page before the first printing (probably thanks to you) I’m most appreciate of positive criticism, and always acknowledge it. Please call me. I’m doing an inspection in the morning but will be home after 1pm. (818) 363-0176. Thanks. The 3rd edition has not yet gone to print, and i’d be delighted to acknowldege your contribution.
PS. The area code is: eight-one-eight.