Manual release Garage door

We recently had a power outage and I was reminded how important it is to check the manual release function on the garage door. I have had them that smashed to the ground and thought about that when I had to release my garage door to open it. I had it adjusted but thought of the person that hasn’t had them inspected what a dangerous surprise it would have been. Just a good reminder of the small but important things we do that could save a life. John

Great reminder thanks … Roy

If the door falls to the ground when the manual release cord is pulled the door is not balanced correctly which is a extra stain on the opener’s motor leading to early failure.

I test them on every inspection: I pull the release, hold the cord until all the slack is gone and immediately move under the door to catch if it isn’t properly adjusted. I then move it to about 1/2 position and if it stays in place, it is good.

I always open the door manually. Doors are sometimes bolted or locked to the rails. Once open then test opener.

Yeah, I hate when I forget to look before pushing the button. :mad: