Manufactured and Mobile Home Course

I am currently taking the subject InterNachi course and this morning I came across this offer -

Question is - does everything in the InterNachi course covered or do you recommend taking this additional course as well. Would hate to dish out 100 bucks if I don’t have to.

Well for one, the discount code doesn’t seem to work. I ordered the wire gauge, which is priced at $14.95, and after entering the discount code, it was still $14.95 with $10.95 shipping and $1.95 handling. Pretty pricey for a piece of plastic. Anybody have an alternate source for the wire gauge?

Here is a few…

I’ve seen those. I would prefer Non-metallic.

Some good points from Paul here…

Too bad he left.

You all still didn’t answer my question… Do I need to ask this question in a different forum area?

I don’t understand why anyone would dish out $100 for a manufactured dwelling inspect coarse.
It is not much different and any home on piers.With the exception of anchors, straps and the other types of proprietary bracing.
What most do is overs think this.
You nor am I an engineer. And knowing that all we do when doing the crawl is to report the issues we observe. Unless you are an engineer you don’t need to know if the anchorage is proper in your home inspection.The crap above the crawl is the same as any home.
Call out the issues and go to the next inspect.
I have done hundreds of man. homes as comprehensive inspections as well as a field inspector for engineers.
Trust me! You are overthinking this.

Let me give you an example of proprietary bracing.
I’m assuming you know what anchor and straps are…So! I won’t go there.
The first is called 3 arm proprietary bracing and the second is one arm.One pic will show how they are secured at the pier base.
All this is dependents on where you are located.
Let me know if this helps…OK?
It appears the server will not allow me to do attachment.
Nevertheless, Here is the dropbox link to the photos.
I zipped them for easier d/l.

Hey Roy - yes it does help !! Thanks for the info and the pictures.

If I can help please contact me…OK ?

Thanks Roy! Check your email :slight_smile:

Sure will Roy, thanks again !!!

Ok ! I’m going to remove the file from my dropbox now.