Manufactured home and heat source provisions

Does anyone have knowledge regarding the minimum requirements for a mobile home heating and a/c provisions? Specifically Heating requirements. Did a 1970 mobile home inspection today with questionable heat provisions. The 800 sqft 3 bedroom mobile home only had one window unit heat source located in the living room. The data plate with BTU info was covered up. Even though, I feel this would be inadequate heat for the all rooms.

Paul, you can make a recommendation in your report. They may not do it but heat in each room is important.

For instance: The existing heating system does not appear to be adequate to heat each room. I recommend a qualified HVAC contractor quote pricing to make each room able to be heated adequately…and go from there.

If you’re curious, HUD regulates manufactured homes, and the construction minimums. They published a revised set of Standards in 1976, probably post-dates this home. You can find all the specs online.

They didn’t (and still don’t) care about A/C, only heat.

Thanks Larry, I actually did that very similarly.

Thanks Dominic,
I found the HUD info. I couldn’t find any thing regarding my scenario, but thanks.