Manufactured Home Conversion

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Not Modular.

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If not modular, do you think it is stick-built? I know this is a long thread, but earlier in the thread I think I noted the property card shows it as manufactured. Then the county people told me it was later changed to stick-built in the side notes (23 years after the prc says the home was built). It looks manufactured, is the exact size of manufactured in this area, the subfloor was insulated at one point, and there are staples in the joists that indicate an underbelly like a manufactured home. Possible there was a manufactured home on the foundation and someone used the previous foundation (27.5’x56.5’) to build a stick built home.

A few more photo’s of the outside and especially the attic would give everyone here a better idea of what this is. IMO it is not a manufactured (mobile) home. It is a modular home from the info given.

I think the maximum width is 14 feet (approx. 1/2 the home) and max 65 feet for length to travel interstates with a wide load permit. (certainly there are exceptions)

So that lines up with the original foundation size for a double wide.

So, I presume it is possible the old trailer/mobile/modular was torn down or burnt down and a new stick built over the old foundation.

I have also seen mobile (modular or whatever) have narrower walls built with 2x3’s. That might be a clue if the walls are narrow.

Modular homes do not have lapped over floor joists on top of a girder. Modular homes come in two half and are bolted together on site. It is either stick built or a manufactured panel home.

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I agree with you but I sure can’t tell anything from the info that was given. Give us something to work with besides a few photo’s of the crawlspace.