Manufactured home crawl space

1979 manufactured home, pit dug out for crawl space. Sits on tie-downs and concrete blocks. Owners put up wood frame to support the skirting. Attached the metal skirting and then back filled against the skirting for a level grade outside the home.

The wood frame is not pressure treated and is in constant soil contact in the crawl space. I can explain the problem, but as part of a wdo report required in this state, I am at a loss for a recommendation. Short of removing the frame/skirting and complete regrading which is near impossible in this subdivision, I’m not quite sure what else to say.

Any help is appreciated.

The second picture also show the a/c condensate line emptying under the house.

This is one of those situations where you scratch your head and think “why didn’t the installer think about doing this right the first time” kind of approach.

I can see some of the wood framing being cut to avoid soil contact and perhaps some CMU’s installed on top of grave to fill the space thereby changing the soil / wood contact situation .

Other then ripping that whole skirt out and pouring a concrete slab with a lip for the perimeter to act as a "footing / foundation " for a wood frame I can’t see what would be a cheap alternative. Do you know of any plastic products that could replace that “framing”?

That HVAC condensate line has to be extended outside of crawl space …:wink:

I would make mention of the fact that the wood that is in direct contact with the soil, is subject to premature rotting. Recommend a licensed contractor assess further to determine the cost of repair.
This way, you identify a problem, and ask that a specialist be contacted to assess further, this takes you out of it and places the attention on a contractor.

To bring his thread back to life… obviously wood skirting in he soil is common with manufactured home. Does it get reported on in our report? I’ve been in the habit of not writing it up because it’s so standard but I’m thinking that may be my error. I’m trying to see what other guys think or handle that set up. Thanks