Manufactured Home Inspection

I conducted my first manufactured/mobile home inspection yesterday. What an incredible learning experience! Same same but different. 1994 Clayton home that has had terrible plumbing leaks, flooring re-placed, electrical panel removed and re-installed improperly, bad roof. Decent pay but one hell of a long report :wink:

Be careful with Clayton homes. Many of their homes are in fact “modular homes” and are not “manufactured homes” even though they look like one. They make “on-frame modular” homes that are almost impossible to differentiate from a modular home. You have to find the label to be certain.

The floor framing is also a good indicator. Manufactured homes will have a steel frame, while most modular homes will have wood-framed floor structures.

Manufactured homes built in 1994 were generally equipped with PB plumbing supply systems as well.

Correct, Jeff. But Clayton is an exception. Their modulars are steel framed, brought in on wheels just like a mobile (manufactured) home.

If it has a HUD tag in the required spot…it is a manufactured home. Manufactured homes are made offsite to HUD specs. Modular homes are made offsite to the specs of the code in the area where it will be assembled. Just look for the tag (if HUD) or sticker (often found in the electrical service panel, inside a cabinet door, or in a closet), if modular telling what specific codes the units were constructed to conform to, date of manufacture, name of manufacturer, etc.

I agree with JB. :shock:

True, that why I emphasized “most.”

Manufactured homes will a rectangular sticker where the tail lights would be.

In Missouri, MHDC has all the modular models listed on their website.