Manufactured home roof design

Attached is an image is of a 2006 Champion/Redman Santa Fe #562E manufactured home. The roof and underlayment have been completely replaced with a TPO rubber roof over the Densdeck and new roof vents installed.

The original roof was improper designed and installed from the factory. As a manufactured home it was shipped to the property in two sections and assembled on site. The design was a combination 3/12 asphalt shingled rake roof where the two sections came together then transitioned up the parapet wall where they then transitioned to hardboard siding with no moisture barrier, flashing or counter flashing at any point, just open framing. The scuppers were also improperly installed. The list of defects was extensive.

Using the TPO material was a costly option but the new roof will far outlast the rest of the home.

3012 012.jpg