Manufactured stairs

This metal porch system has a ponding water problem.

How does this get corrected (No! we don’t want to flood the guy reading his book on the downstairs porch)

DSCN0110 (Small).JPG also note all the rust (new)

While I am on the subject, the right side handrail is what I would describe as bouncy, and the stairs leading up to the garage can be easily lifted.
Only one bolt for support.


DSCN0240 (Small).JPG

DSCN0243 (Small).JPG

Sure looks like a half fast job to me Robert.

Needs repair.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks Marcel.
Any ideas for the water ponding?

A sledge hammer…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing but high tech ideas so far.

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Floor Squeegees

Bouncy?..One bold for support?..soon it will be solidly on the ground. That doesn’t look attached very well. If that is a brick veneer, it shouldn’t be attached to that.

Ponding water? I might drill a couple of drainage holes that would let it off while raining.

Bob, I was going to say just what Larry said when I saw it the first time.

Drill some holes.

It is the nature of steel diamond plate installed over channel iron supports and spot welded.

It amazes me that it is not galvanized along with the framework.

The painting was never done properly, I am looking at stich welding fillets that have never been primed from day one, improper strut support welds, missing anchor, and using an assummed brick veneer for support not knowing it was designed for such, open risers that is hard to tell if they exceed the 4 and 1/2" allowed.

If this is an outdoor deck they wanted to not have water pond, provisions of slope or drainage should have been made.

Overall, It is and will be a maintenance issue now and later.

Hope this helps a little.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks I told him about the paint -rust problem.
As I mentioned above hole drilling is not an option to the guy below.

The ledger problem was to the garage.(same type stairs)


check out how the retaining wall next to the stairs with no coping is messing up the garage wall.

DSCN0233 (Small).JPG

Drill some holes and divert it away to an acceptable location.

That would mean some sort of trough system.
I suppose wedges might also alleviate it.

Why does the guy below have a right to a dry area?

They could have used open style grate.

When I was inspecting , I thought I walked into his living room till I noticed I was outside:)
He even has wood planking on his porch, which he said was there.(new construction) 2007

I think they could install some small drains with plastic tubing for downspouts, draining into the lower guy’s flower pots. :stuck_out_tongue:
Best fix - jack up the deck at the wall junction, re-attach with megabolts and/or add support posts at the wall. They say most decks fall by pulling out and away from the wall, maybe this one’s heavy enough to go straight down, pretty scary for this guy below. :roll:

John Kogel

Yeah they could have done alot better.
Any ideas on how to stabilize the hand rail.

It is the right side handrail in my sideways picture.
The middle has a lot of play , as in if you shake it, due to the length.
Not very solid.