Many recent homeowners give little thought to home maintenance.

Many recent homeowners:

  • give little thought to maintaining their new home; and
  • assume it will always be in the same good condition it was when they first moved in.

To help reduce liability, an inspector should give their client as much information as possible about how to maintain the home and look for issues after their purchase.

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Be sure to send all of your clients, including past clients, a customized home maintenance newsletter. Using our tool, you choose what content will appear in the newsletter. The newsletter can be customized based upon the condition of the inspected home and your client.

For example, let’s say your client has a dog, children, and the house has GFCI problems and a deck issue.

After the home inspection, within a few minutes of using our newsletter tool, you can build a customized monthly newsletter that includes information about pets, child safety, GFCI-protection, and deck maintenance. Get the picture? The newsletter is totally customized to the inspected house and your client.

And better yet, the newsletter establishes a long-term, relevant relationship with all of your clients.

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How often will clients receive a newsletter? Too often they just overlook or unsubscribe and may be a turn off.

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