Many thanks to Len Inkster and Mark Cohen.

They convinced RECO to modify their website which used to recommend a Canadian association only.

Thanks guys!

Great a big thanks to all much appreciated … Roy


Another example of what can be done to properly advise consumers when we work together. Thanks for the assist.

Great victory! Congratulations!!!

Good work; in this day and age, fairness must be upheld. Unfortunately this applies to a lot of advertising and some pointing to only their preferred vendors.

Great work Len & Mark

Working to focus RECO on making changes to the way in which it applies it’s code of ethics where Consumers are being discouraged to have a Home Inspection.

OREA loses real estate licensing education | REM | Real Estate … › News

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Jan 30, 2017 - The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has lost a bid to continue … RECO oversees real estate licensing education in Ontario on behalf of the … Last week RECO posted a notice on its website that says, in part, that on Dec. … estate education provider, delivering state-approved real estate training in …

[FONT=Times New Roman]. So not sure it matters if it’s OAHI or OntarioACHI in any event doing any training.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman] They likely won’t be doing any training just like OREA if licensing even goes though. [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Besides, in this market [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]there might not be any left to train anyways. [/FONT]

You may be closer to the truth than you think in this area.

Originally Posted by rcooke
[FONT=Times New Roman]…Besides, in this market [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]there might not be any left to train anyways. [/FONT]
You may be closer to the truth than you think in this area.

With many of the inspectors I talk too the future does not look good .
Many I talk too the wife has a good job or they have a pension to help them survive …
I see inspectors getting less then 50% of what I made 7 years ago.
Then we have many agents advising their client to not get an inspection .
I talked to a Home Depot sales person and he said he is making more money at Home depot they he was at inspecting .

We are in a similar situation here except that the realtors cannot sell a home. The recession has hit very hard here. A lot of inspectors are barely staying afloat. If it does not turn around soon we will see many inspection companies going under.

December 31st saw a clampdown by the Chinese on Money leaving China without the origin of the income being declared. I suspect that has much to do with it.

People once used to say “if the USA sneezed, the world caught a cold”. I fear it’s now, “if China Sneezes, the world suffers a terminal illness”.

1: Home inspector have to pick a representative to speak with (RECO)

Gilles Larin can be of assistance.

The idea, to hold everyone harmless, REA’s, Purchaser’s, Vendor’s and Home Inspector’s. This is for the client.

InterNACHI Buy Your Home Back can be used as a model to show we are not here to kill a deal but to protect the industry as a whole.


Representatives have already been in contact with RECO.

Gilles Larin is in a different province, using different laws and where the Home Inspectors are under control of the Real Estate Brokers.
Different system in this province.

My immediate thought is that no-one in RECO is going to listen to anyone in Quebec. That’s just the way it is.

Len, use Quebec’s OACIQ as an example.
Gilles Larin can be of assistance.
Combined with We Will By Your Home Back might be a strategy.

Before Gilles I addressed the OACIQ
They ask me to act as InterNACHI spokesperson.

The point I am trying to make is you never know until you try. Someone in Ontario, not Quebec.
They must have a system of planks/criteria for their agents to refer home inspectors and home inspections in general.