MAR kills bill to help the homeless

Just saw this in my local newspaper
MAR lobbyist says that the large majority of Missouri Realtors are against their clients paying a 50 cents extra recording fee to help the homeless. Simply amazing!

Next thing the homeless will want is to have the agents give them a new house. This is their mind-set. Smoke detectors are not important either.

Even though it was only 50 cents, I’m with MAR on this one. I oppose any laws that involve the re-distribution of wealth. Helping the homeless is certainly a noble cause, but like all charities, it should be voluntary. When it is done at the point of a gun (or of law) it is theft.

Some of these Realtors help cause these people to be homeless by selling these people a house that they knew they could not afford and also by supporting the poor construction standards of builders by opposing any laws that would make homes more safe. The unexpecting consumer trusts the Realtors to look after them through the home purchasing process, not get taken advantage of. Haven’t you ever heard a Realtor say, after giving him/her nothing but bad news about a house their client is buying, I know how to tell this to my client or I know how to control my clients. I have seen a lot of people in foreclosure or had severe financially lose because they trusted their Realtor. Sad but true.

Well than I guess you are mad about Obama today causing the cost of automobiles to be raised by $600.00 because he wants to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and protect our environment. That dam Obama how dare he try to better everybody’s life in America at a cost of only $600.00 per car purchase.:smiley:

Let’s not forget the plight of the used house salesman who referred the young couple to the creative mortgage lender who helped them overcome the odds to buy their first $400,000 home…collected the $28,0000 commission…and now, a year later, is forced to resell the same house under foreclosure for half the price and make only a $14,000 commission.

If the borrower could not afford the payments on $400 K, they also committed fraud.

Yep…I’ve got no use for him either.

$600 is a bogus number.

From automakers to politicians alike, all agree that the new fuel-economy regulations at minimum, will mean an extra $1,300 tacked on the price of new cars

Nor does it take into account the increase in taxes on gasoline once the government figures out that there will going to be a huge loss in revenue to the Treasury if everyone uses less gas. Oops there goes that savings. It’s called liberal math. If they start “losing” money to run their social programs they raise taxes; always have, always will.

[FONT=courier new][FONT=comic sans ms]REAL ESTATE NEWSLETTER[/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Late May 2009[/FONT]
The bad news (if you’re a seller) is that foreclosures have set records for the second straight month. However, that’s not such bad news for buyers if you have, or can get, the needed funds.

California, Arizona, and Florida have pretty much led the way, and now there are about ten states with high foreclosure rates. Las Vegas has the dubious distinction of being the leading city.

One in two homes now have more owed on them than they’re worth.

"I suppose the Right Wing Nut Jobs will blame this on Obama also."

Your right. It is $1,300.00. Starting in 2016.

35.5 mpg fleet average planned
While the 30 percent increase translates to a 35.5 mpg average for both cars and light trucks, the percentage increase in cars would be greater, rising from the current 27.5 mpg standard to 39 mpg starting in 2016. The average for light trucks would rise from 24 mpg to 30 mpg.

Ya, it is a tear jerker. If times get too hard for the Realtors, they might have to live in one of their foreclosed houses. Funny how things come back around. Life can be sweet. :wink: