Marble Shower Entry

I responded to a client that thought his marble shower entry area, at the glass door had mold in it. I inspected the marble, and it has copper colored stains either from the back out or the top down, all the way through the marble. It does not appear to be mold, it is dry and can not be wiped off. It is in the marble. It was white/Grey marble. Now it is spreading throughout the entire piece of marble. A copper color stain with black rings. I have photos, Let me know what you guys think.

Adhesive bleeding through?

Marble is very porous compared to other stone flooring materials. They will easily stain. This could have been from a potted plant sitting on the sill or hair products with colors added draining to that specific area. It will a stone specialist to determine cause and if it can be repaired or will need to be replaced.

Wow, that’s a big stain. Marble is very porous and can bleed rust from underneath…could be leaking at the edge onto something like wire lath. You can’t even use thinset mortar on green marble due to bleeding…have to use epoxy.

Looks like Rust to me coming from underneath but only way to verify would be for contractor to pull it up and determine.

that would be my guess as well

could it possibly be rust from within?

I would do a man-made quarts overlay to repair the cosmetic issue vs pulling the door off and replacing it. Ceasar Stone sells a 1/2" thick stone and is pretty tough to stain.