Marcel, world and Maine record typical and non-typical bucks

…seven minutes.

Lot of woods in Maine, the bigger one is still hiding somewhere. LOL

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One day I will go with someone to hunt the beast.

And you were saying, a few months back, that you thought the biggest deer was a 10 point. It has been fun perusing some of these youtube videos.

It would be fun to travel to Maine one of these days. If we do, we’ll say hello, my friend.

Me, me, me! I got one with my Colt Mark iV series 70 1911 45 ACP, one year.

I know little to nothing about it, I just see them when I hike. Do you mean you got one? where are the pics :smiley:

I ate the evidence and it wasn’t a big racked buck. Point being that I shot it with a pistol. :grin:

We all knew you are a badazz! but eating the evidence, that sounds scary! :thinking:

Well, I don’t hunt, but I can take care of the cooler. :rofl:

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Larry- In Maine everyone eats the evidence and is ashamed to post a picture of anything under 200 lbs!
Most are 250 and up before the bragging begins! :slight_smile:

They are big, but taste like pine cones to me!

We have three sub groups of the Whitetail here. Most under 200lbs but more appreciated at the dinner table.

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