March Home Savvy eZine is Out



Very presentable and informative. I’m seriously considering signing up. Only thing from keeping me from doing it this moment is expenses. Things have really slowed for me the last 6 months or so and every dollar right now is stretched to the max. I’m sure some out there are in similar circumstances. But, nevertheless, a very good quality magazine. Maybe one day I’ll join in.


Lots of people are in similar circumstances which is why we incorporated some of the features in HSM that we did…like the ability to generate suplimental revenues from advertiser inclusions (Handshake). An annual subscription to HSM is $299 for the basic (but complete) package. Upgrade to the Graphics Pak for $60 more, but you can do that later, ala carte.

If you know contractors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, or any type of local businesses that want to reach homeowners, you can easily offer just a few of them an ad space in your HSM’s Handshake page for…ohhhh…$200 (to start) for six months of impressions as an “Official Sponsor” of your HSM eZine. Sign up just TWO and generate revenues of $400 to pay for your HSM (and earn a small profit). From there, start signing up real estate agents in your area with sub-accounts in order to maximize your reach to the hot market of home buyers and sellers.

Additionally, the more agents who become sub-account holders means the more you can ultimately charge for you Handshake ads. Remember, you can include your Handshake ad page in your sub-accounts’ version of HSM. Their market of homeowners, buyers, and sellers is already pre-filtered, so their advertising dollars aren’t wasted on some 15 year old kid who is living in an apartment.

And here’s the neat part. The very function of distributing HSM Teasers (our invitational emails) to the marketplace not only provides your Handshake advertisers (i.e., sponsors) with value, but the mere act of making sure your HSM “gets out there” is marketing your business to help you build brand awareness from consumers and agents, and ultimately, leads and sales for you.

We have a subscriber named who already has nine real estate agents signed up as sub-accounts. He is negotiating with a broker in his metro area to sign up that broker’s FOURTY agents as sub-account holders!!! That means he’ll have 49 total real estate agents putting HIS name in front of homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers because HIS name will be attached to every sub-account version of HSM that his sub-account agents use.

Now, he doesn’t have to worry about trying to get on a real estate office’s “preferred vendor list” - many agents now want to get on HIS list of HSM user. The tables have turned.

$299 is a lot of money for someone with no money, but I think we’ve incorporated the perfect feature in HSM to help anyone who has a money problem to overcome it.

(Ooooh. This gives me an idea!)

Anyway, email me if you have any questions.