Marijuana grow operations big in Canada.

Here is another indication…

Marcel, I am curious, they do not allow two service entrances on a dwelling over here, is that legal over there?:):smiley:

No, but neither is marijuana grow operations.

Ahh! a double tap. :mrgreen:

Just after i moved down here i remember there was a huge grow op busted near a place called Barrie Ontario it was a large brewery that had shut down and these guys used it to grow. Using the back up power Plants. The way they got caught was a oil company driver was off sick and another guy delivered the fuel. In my area bikers where buying big farms and using the barns. It is a problem the for the police. The goverement should make it legal and reap the profits.

The sooner they legalize the stuff the better…

The old Molson brewery on hwy 400, they actually had stooges living there to maintain the crops and provide security. Never heard who was actually at the bottom of it. Truckloads of plants taken away and disposed of.

The foothills around here are full of those fields. The cartels hire thugs to farm the stuff. Many of the fields are even on national forest land.

That’s especially dangerous since hikers have come across these operations.