Marine City, leaky basement, poured wall, only leaks where you see us digging

older lady, she had an EST from an interior drainage system company for $23,600.

she only has cracks n leaks in this area, so why lie n try to scam her and thousands of other homeowners

this lady has a special needs 30 yr old son, her roof leaks (10 yrs old), her husband passed 5 yrs ago, she needs a WC ramp built out back door now because she had a heart attack 2 yrs ago and can no longer lift/move her son in case of a fire etc and YET the INT system CONS still tried to put her further in debt

Lots of roots, rock hard clay soil also against wall

umm do interior drainage systems and sump pumps remove tree roots, clay soil off wall? Nope

brick pavers lol