Marine Services Inspection Template?

Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m looking for a boat and marine structure inspection template. I know there is one for 3-D and Home Inspection Pro, but I use HomeGauge and I haven’t run acros one yet. Does anyone have a copy of a template they would be willing to share or something I can convert to use in HomeGauge? I used to do boat and marine inspections a long time ago when I had my own business after commercial dive school, but I only have the forms I used for large ships since I closed my business. I’m looking to add this into my inspection services again.


I understand the IR Camera has been a big asset to these inspections to the effect the bigger yachts carry one and via satellite can do the engine and have the mechanic diagnose some concerns.
From hot bearings to electrical concerns.
And the hull .
They also are working well to show moisture in Glass boats and also all others .
This could be worth looking into .


All Right!! Who has the HIP Marine Template?? I am desparate for it…



Bob you have HIP if you know what you are going to be inspecting just remove the items in a standard template and add you new headings very simply to make HIP work for what ever you are inspecting Airplanes Boats or skyscrapers don’t matter. I am building templates for Mold, Commercial and IR Audits

I think Scott is looking for a Template that is already built. We have a template that is already built that contains over a thousand comments and is based on the standards made by SAMS. It is the same software as for the home inspection market except it is for the Marine Surveyors. Check it out at:
The software runs standalone on a PocketPC so you can use it as you are doing your survey on the boat and then export it as an RTF Word document without having to reenter all your data.


Jeff is correct. I’m looking for something that has already been built to save myself a million hours of coding one myself. I am mainly interested in naratives. I used to do US Coast Guard Auxiliary inspections as well as commercial diving services for larger vessels, but that was before the modern computer age. All my forms are on paper and I don’t have my old paperwork for smaller pleasure craft. I just have stuff for large commercial ships and tug boats left. Anyone need inspection forms for sonar domes and propeller pitches?