Mark Cohen unfortunately had to file a suit against non-member inspector Ron Tipton.

InterNACHI had a booth at the recent REALTOR RALLY. Several of our members also had booths. See PICs: Pics of InterNACHI members' booths at REALTOR Rally. You couldn’t throw a dead cat without hitting an InterNACHI banner.

Anyway, the mini-minneapolis association had a booth too. During the event, REALTORs kept coming up to us telling us that out of the blue, the person manning the mini-minneapolis association’s booth, Ron Tipton of Comfort Inspections, was bad-mouthing InterNACHI. The REALTORs all thought it very unprofessional.

Since then, our attorneys got statements from everyone and filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Mr. Tipton. Excerpt:

Normally, we’d let it slide. But when a member of an out-of-state, carpetbagger association comes into our town where InterNACHI is headquartered, to our event, and tries to harm our member’s inspection businesses… well… he just picked a long fight that will require many hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend.


Im glad you are looking out for NACHI’s best interest (hence mine)

By the way, Nick, remind me to not piss you off.


Wish this had happened with the pet guy in Kansas.


Still might. The two cases are connected.

18. During the Rally, in the exhibit hall, Defendant engaged in a pattern of making statements (“statements”) to Realtors, exhibitors, and other visitors about InterNACHI.
a. InterNACHI is a fly by night organization;

b. InterNACHI and its inspectors are not credible;

c. InterNACHI inspectors are not qualified;

d. InterNACHI’s exams, classes, and education could be completed by my 12-year old son;

e. Pets can pass InterNACHI’s entrance requirements.

  1. Defendant made these statements in order to obtain work for his home inspection business.

  2. Defendant’s statements were statements of fact and also implied the existence of undisclosed facts that supported the statements.

  3. Defendant’s statements defamed the Plaintiff in the Plaintiff’s trade, the home inspection industry, and constitute slander per se.

  4. Defendant made the statements with malice.

[FONT=Arial]If you will remember…… Last year I called and E-Mailed you to let you know that these same statements were made “Word for Word” in the crowded and packed halls of the New Hampshire House of Representatives by an ASHI Northern New England President Joseph Bates. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The only variance was that his “11- year old daughter” took and passed the NACHI test. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]He also mentioned/ claimed that “A Dog” had passed the NACHI online test. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Several members of the House of Representatives stopped to listen to this garbage! :twisted:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]{Several NACHI members can vouch for this!} [/FONT]

Nick, what about New Hampshire? What more evidence do you need to send Mark C. after that A$HI scumbag Bates?

I’m one of them. It was sheer nonsense.

So Nick, you have another witness and I am sure there is more. Are you just going to sit on your hands on this very important matter or defend NACHI and it’s members in New Hampshire.

Good for You and Internachi Nick, I know I’m damn tired of the bashing.


Can you post the court filing? I would really be interested in following this…