Mark Fields

Question is, how long do archive your photos and retain reports. I store photos on my personal cloud But all reports ate stored on my computer.
What do you guys do, and women ?

Complete file (report/photos/agreements/everything) on physical external hard drive, and backed up to Carbonite (always runs in background).

Dropbox, all my devices (laptop, desktop, tablet and phone) sync with it. Thinking about getting an external hard drive to transfer older files to as I grow.

Forgot to mention I also load a “Mirror Image” of my entire system onto a Portable External Hard Drive (weekly) which is removed from the premises for safe keeping.

Trust me… once you have a crash and lose years of files and software libraries… you will NEVER take that kind of risk again!


Jeff, what software do you use for the “Mirror Image”?

Carbonite, part of my package with them. I believe I use their second tier service, Premium Plus or something like that. $100 a year.

Carbonite screwed around with me.
I now use
Also have a 4TB external drive.
I have all my records since 1997.

If anyone is interested in checking out Carbonite, here’s a “Friends & Family” referral link…

I actually let my Carbonite expire as once I switched to a new PC it would only continue to record input from the old tower and not both leaving me with a conundrum.

If I switch Carbonite to the new unit it will after one month dump all the old files anyway and not sure I want all of the old files in the new tower so waiting till I provision over to resign up .

Biggest thing I miss is ability to pull PC files up on my cell phone.

You just need to spend a few $$ more for a higher tier of coverage for all your devices on your network.

What Jeffrey said. Or you set your new machine to ‘restore’ status on Carbonite and it’l copy everything backed up from your old machine to your new machine. I use Carbonite and Dropbox.

I have a 12TB RAID 5 device, Dropbox for critical files and Norton 360 for scheduled backup. Images (visible light and infrared) are all automatically cataloged through Lightroom going back over 10 years. Desktop drive is SSD

Always easy to spend my money…ask any politician.

Dom it may have been a while for you but carbonite transfer of 500 GB is painful slow.
Recall it took about 5 weeks last time.
Much better off to transfer through HW what you cherry pick as there is much redundancy such as files already on HIP cloud,DropBox,Gears,Skybox,Picasa,Flker,etc.

OKAY Mr. Negative B*tchMeister!..

Pay a few $$ more for their courier service and have a set of discs with your entire backup delivered next day!!!

Next!??? :roll: