Mark owner of Summit Inspections

Was wondering if anyone had info on line drawings to use in Home Gauge? Thought I try some may make a for better report. Any one have any input? Customer like or not? These are great, plus home guage already has some in the section where pictures are downloaded at, click on the icon beside pics, then drawings

Can we bulk upload the files to home gauge?

You’re not uploading to home gauge. save them to a file and draw from there as needed.

Thanks John

Hey Mark,
Any images/drawings you like from the huge INACHI library you can save them to a folder called “Drawings” at My Documents HomeGauge Drawings folder. Once you put them in there you can access them from the filmstrip just like pictures.

Don’t forget you can “automatically include” the image tied to an auto comment. For instance you can show a line drawing of the water heater specs and attach it to your T&P piping problem comment. This allows you to show a correct drawing and spec and their actual water heater.

Thanks Russell