Mark Tiampani

Thanks Lewis you have just convinced you completely lack of fair play and sense or reasoning.
You win I will not communicate with you and your completely closed door attitude . Wish you the best … Cookie

Great job.

So I take it that your sense of "fair play" includes referring to another Association in your marketing in an attempt to gain credibility,  and that "fair play" is not, as I stated, marketing that your SOP meets or exceeds all other association standards.  If you don't like my reference to "disclaiming" portions of your SOP, then you will have to take that up with Bushart and Farsetta, I only repeated the policy that they stated here on your message board, just one of many Nachi policies I was argumentative and disagreeable over.  Of course with members able to disclaim large portions of the Nachi SOP, maybe I can understand why many of you want to seek credibility by referring to another Associations standards.    Will seems to have the right idea, when he's ASKED, he says that his standards meet or exceed others, he doesn't advertise that they do. That's fair play Roy.

Please don’t ***EVER *confuse me with that fuing idiot lcapaul. He’s a former member who couldn’t cut it here and is licking privates over at NAHI. Thanks!!


Big whoops, maybe a Freudian slip
Not acting very ladylike :mrgreen:

hell I didn’t even get the spelling right, oh well

Way to get your name out there, Mark. Good job.

Congrats Mark.

That’s the question I’ve been asking Barry, how can they meet those Standards and why would they claime to when the have their own Association Standards. An Independent I can understand saying that they Meedt or Exceed the Standards of Associations, but why would any Association member feel the need to say the meet another’s Standard. The courts and legal system here, as you can see if you’ve read the WA. State Sunrise Committee report, don’t feel that it is either legal or ethical to claim the Standards of an Association you don’t belong to.

Why not just say my SOP meets or exceeds the standards of any other association, or meets and exceeds industry standards, mentioning another Association implies membership in that Association, that’s what the legal system says.

I must be in the wrong thread , I could have sworn this was for Mark, congrats Mark

Congrats Mark. You are a fine CMI.

In Arizona we are licensed, and are required by law to follow the AZASHI SOP inspecting anything up to 4 units.

And we are required to give our clients a copy of the SOP with every inspection.

Thanks tallen for your post about Mark . . . way to go Mark,congrats!!!

Dale writes

Dale, me thinks you are breaking the law (technically).

Although “The Arizona Standards of Practice” were originally adopted from 15 year old ASHI’s 1992 SOP, the State of Arizona made Arizona modifications and requires that all Arizona licensed inspectors follow “The Arizona Standards of Practice.”

Furthermore, ASHI changed their SOP several times since 1992.

That is what I said Nick AZ-ASHI…AZASHI SOP…not that it is an different than NACHI, except NACHI’s is much more to the point I think.

But we are not allowed to work on anything we inspect like NAHI is…or did they change that rule for their members?..I have not been following what they do, so I really don’t know…:D…but I don’t think our SOP’s are anything like theirs…NACHI & ASHI pretty much the same…so I tell folks I follow both standards and they certainly understand…:smiley:

But I make it a point to tell everybody we are not allowed to work on anything we inspect…:smiley:

Thanks Dale for bringing that up about the standards. And thank you everyone for the nice things you have said.

Ikupaul, I am a member of NACHI so I of course have to follow our standards. I work in AZ and the standards here that we have to follow are the AZ A$HI SOP

Three years ago Nick tried to get this changed but to no avail. They should just be called the AZ Standards of Practice. I could have wrote, I follow both NACHI and A$HI Standards of Practice.

Breaking the law?? technically] :roll: :roll:
Arizona **Adopted **ASHI’s 1992 standards.
Heck was NACHI even born, or was NACHI still in diapers in 1992:twisted: :twisted:

If you adopt something does the adopted keep the same name ??

Breaking the law??:roll: :roll:
Arizona adopted ASHI’s 1992 standards.
Was NACHI even born then, or was NACHI still in diapers:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
If someone adopts something , does the adopted keep the same name??

Good for you Mark, I did not think it was illegal to inspect to anyones SOP, do you have to belong to an org before you can have any kind of minimum standards?

ASHI changed its SOP several times since 1992 and so they are no longer identical to the Arizona Standards of Practice which were adopted from ASHI’s 15 year old SOP.

Arizona licensed inspctors must follow (at a minumum) Arizona’s Standards of Practice which have been modified for Arizona. They are no longer identical to ASHI’s. Look at the roofing section.

Anyway… InterNACHI’s SOP exceeds the Arizona Standards of Practice, I’m not sure if ASHI’s current SOP does.

Mark, according to the NACHI COE you are required to follow the laws of the State you work in, which would require you to follow the AZ SOP. You belong to InterNachi so there is, in my opinion, nothing wrong with claiming to also follow that SOP, why do you and others feel the need to bring up ASHI?

It’s not just my opinion that says mentioning another associations SOP in you marketing is wrong. Once again read the examples of legal actions against inspectors who claimed they met or exceeded ASHI’s SOP when they were not members. They all lost, not necessarily because of any mistake in their inspection, but automatically because they had implied membership in an organization they didn’t belong to. If you are ever taken to court or before a remediation board, you might want to make sure that you belong to the Associations you refer to, or you may lose your case even though your inspection report was correct. Some insurance companies may leave you hanging too.

The final Washington State Sunrise Committee report has been issued, it’s to long to post here, but someone probably has a link to it, I can email it to you if you like, it provides some interesting reading and examples of Home Inspection complaints.