Marketing: Booths at "small town" festivals

A few weeks ago, I set up a booth at Spirit Lake’s “Big Back-In” Lawnmower race & rally.

This weekend, I’m at a local fair with a NACHI booth at “Rathdrum Days”, and happen to be set up next to a Re-Max booth, which is a company that has been notoriously difficult to break into in this area. With agents having so little time to spend in casual conversation, I have had a captive audience.

Aside from extolling the virtues of NACHI, I have convinced the leading agents of the advantages of hiring a NACHI inspector to pre-inspect listed properties in this slow market.

This is going to positively impact the income of NACHI inspectors throughout the entire state.

Keep an eye out in the papers for events in your local area. Sign up (this weekend cost a whopping $35, and the next town’s event is free), bring your brochures, ask HQ for copies of “3 Deadly Mistakes” brochure, and get out and talk to your neighbors at the fair.

Yep, there are several of those around here. I’m hitting all of them. It’s great marketing and networking.