Marketing Folders

I feel like I get a call once a month, offering to put me in a folder for different realtors. “We’re first come, first serve!” “reaching out to all the inspectors in your area” I feel like they’re a bunch of leeches.
Has anyone here paid for that ad space and have you seen a positive return from it?
I just officially launched in Irvine and holy smokes coming from a place where inspections are mandatory to by choice has brought me to a crawl.

As with anything markets differ by region.

My insight to these Realtor folders is to not advertise in them.
Being a Real Estate Investor I typically do not receive this type of folder from my agent until the paperwork is ready and we are set to go to escrow. In my opinion this is far to late in the process to receive advertisements for a Home Inspector.

  1. Find out which office these folders are for
  2. Find out at what point in the process this folder is handed to the client.

It’s a scam.

Ignore them.

Eventually, they’ll stop calling quite as often.

The people selling these can smell new blood and pounce.

If the folders worked as well as they claimed, inspectors would be on a waiting list to be in them instead of their sales sharks trolling the internet looking for unsuspecting inspectors to call.

It’s reassuring that my initial reaction was correct. Thank you.

Do not do it.