Marketing Infrared while driving

After I completed my IR Certification training in building science, I looked at alternatives to promote the service. I am not a big fan of magnetic door signs so I opted to go with something that would advertise my business in a way that someone could have the time to write down my contact information.; principally when I stop at traffic signals or they are following on my bumper. This is what I and the creative sign company people came up with.

All in all, this was about $375 total for the rear window and the tail gate. I figured one inspection would cover the cost. These were my pictures from inspections I had done in the past.

I tried to arouse curiosity more than have a rolling explanation of what IR was all about and it has paid off more than ten fold so far.

Just last Saturday, I was on the expressway coming through Atlanta, returning from an inspection and received a call to my cell phone, which is on the tail gate, from a husband and wife who were following me. I sold a $500 inspection which I did this past Tuesday including the IR service.

I get a lot of questions as to whether or not the rear window sign blocks my view so I included below a shot from inside the truck. When I’m driving, I never know it’s there.

The only downside of this is that I can’t lower the rear window because it will damage the sign so I had to pull the fuse that controls that.

Wil Fambrough
Advanced Home Inspections, LLC
Marietta, GA
CBST # 10889

Wil, I have the same stuff on my rear window and side windows of my Blazer. It ran me about $450.00 and I received a call while driving my truck home after picking it up when I had it done. It looks good , is well worth the investment and like Wil said it does not obscure your view much at all.

OK I have to ask where or what company did the work for you and who installed it? I like it so much I want it.


I went to a company here in Ga. called Denney DeSigns. Just look in the phone book for sign companys and go see them. I was sold by the pictures of other installations. I also recognized several trucks that I pass everyday with graphics on them from this company. It has payed for itself several times over.


The company that did mine is called Wrap It Up Signs. Look for a company that does vehicle wraps, it is not just lettering it is a full wrap of the window or vehicle panels. Sorry no pictures yet.

Looks really Great Wil…!!!