marketing Radon advice?

I live in the ohio valley and Radon is very prevalent. My rural area does not discuss it much and while some offer Radon testing it is very quiet.

I want to market and educate clients and realtors as the the importance of testing not only during the real estate transaction but as a ongoing preventive measure to keeping them and their families safe.
I do one in every 15 inspections with an included Radon test and have seen a 33% rate of homes with higher than acceptable levels.
One client I just did on a home where I only found 5 deficiencies was pleased to learn that the home had a high level and the seller installed a MIT system saving them not only $1300 but the daily exposure . They have agreed to write me a testimonial of their experience.
I want to capitalize on this and start a campaign and would like some advice from those who focus some of their marketing on testing and ideas as to how I might do this.


Give me a call sometime, would be happy to share what we do. Number is on the website. Happy to help!

January, is radon awareness month :smiley:

Will do, thanks

Find an online government video on radon and play it on your computer in the kitchen for your client while you are inspecting the attic.

Not a bad idea Nick. I have a video I was sent by the EPA I can use. I am doing a booth at a local Realtor convention next month so I might do that there as well. Thinking about having two other videos going there with ,y literature in front of each…one on " Move in certified" inspections and the other on " maintenance for life" a new program I will be offering through my construction firm in conjunction with yearly maintenance inspections. Another video educating on the importance of radon testing would be a welcomed guest.