Marketing/Services/Surviving in a Seller's Market?

Hey everyone, Not only am I newly getting back into home inspection, but waking up to a market with no to low inventory. Buyers are skipping inspections and if they do have one, they’re waiving contingencies. Some are still not getting their offers accepted and are paying for multiple inspections. I’m sure you all know all the ins and outs of a market like this…bidding wars etc.

Found a 2 year old article on the subject of offering a “Pre Inspection Verbal Consultation” in these situations. (I see one inspector that serves my same territory lists something similar on his services page. He also does arbitration and such.) The home inspector writing the article doesn’t offer them, and presented his side well. But ended the post basically stating what a rock and a hard place we’re in with offering/not offering some form of abbreviated service. He was thorough in noting many insurance policies won’t cover a non-report inspection.

Just would appreciate all of your thoughts, experiences and ideas on my Post Title. Thanks.

Where are you located? Sounds like the local market here.

You can check with your insurance company - Mine don’t cover no walk and talk type thingy. There is too much possibility of he said she said from nothing written down.

Central Missouri! Columbia and surrounding. You’re out Berthoud? I am a Colorado Native. Born and raised Arvada. Last place of residence there before coming here, Brighton for 12 years! Did a year starting out before the market fell in 08’. Got out from under a franchise and had a no compete so went back into remodel for awhile. Inspected again until 2015 and then went into structural repair design. Just have not seen the market from the inspector perspective like this before. When we sold in Brighton in 2018 it was indeed a bidding war but all our prospective buyers at least got a full inspection…although some did waive contingency.

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I reached out to a couple Realtors I know to gather their thoughts out of curiosity. I really don’t think I can personally feel good about a walk and talk type thingy. But either way hope to continually gain more understanding of the market(s) and what’s happening around me.

You should have held on to it for another couple years. Bet you would have made another 75-100K on the sale. Homes are selling for stupid money nowadays.

Yep, the house we sold HAS increased by 100K over what we sold it for 3 years ago. You’re right. I moved for a job though within the structural repair network so that was kind of our timing influencer. What are inspectors doing out there in a market that is skipping their services? Other than working a second job!

Can’t speak for others but I have to keep a full time job to pay the bills. LOL. Not ideal for sure.

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