Marketing Thermal Imaging Online

I have read a lot of people saying they are getting a lot of thermal imaging business from the website, but I haven’t seen much specifics one what they are doing to get the traffic to the site. Can I get some examples of both successful offline and online methods of getting these folks to the site? Are most coming in from regular inspections services but then moving over to the thermal imaging after they see it on the site etc.

Also, I am looking for some effective means of offering infrared services to those who are not looking for a home inspection like contractors, commercial, adjusters, attorneys, etc. What are some of the best methods to target these individuals.

You can start here It works for me here

I would ask Kevin Richardson, a member here, he is level 3 certified, I am sure he can answer all your questions. Maybe email him if he does not respond to this thread.

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First of all I think you need to work on getting your site is high on the search engines as possible for your specific area. Of all the things that I read concerning search engine optimization that comes through my e-mail is about the perceptions of your prospective clients who are searching for your services. They figure the higher you are on the search engine, you have stood the test of time.

Next, you need to have a call to action from your website so that your client finds exactly what they want right away so they don’t leave for another site to find it.

Most important and probably most difficult thing is to get people to even start looking for your site/service.

The biggest obstacle I find with infrared services is that you must teach almost every client what infrared technology is to begin with. How can it be used to benefit them?

I received an inspection that I will be conducting tomorrow from a client coming from Kansas. For some reason, she had thermal imaging done on the house in Kansas and stated that she will not buy any house that is not scanned with thermal imaging because of her past experiences. She found my services through a localized search in the area of her new home purchase. I happen to be on the first page in those areas. These clients are few and far between.

I had an inspection two days ago who was extremely familiar with equine thermal imaging analysis because she was a farrier. She had not even considered the technology to be used in the purchase of real estate. Knowing what she knows about thermal imaging in horses, she jumped right on board. Again, the client is few and far between.
It’s all a matter of time.

We see thermal imaging on TV more and more (a lot of it is bogus). However, it does spark slate recognition in our potential clients.

We are teachers first and thermographer’s second.
How do we teach our clients?
Through exposure.
We can go out there on a mission of education, or we can attempt to educate “as we go”.

I have proposed in other threads that the thermal camera be used in every inspection once you own one, regardless if you get paid for it or not. I have been ridiculed for this approach, however by performing a free service you educate several people around you simultaneously. Your client, a listing real estate agent, a sales real estate agent, a former homeowner. Somewhere in Kansas, somebody did a service for my client and they came to Nashville in search of this service. I appreciate whoever that was in Kansas! You obviously did a good job!

As everybody realizes, there is a large “wow” factor involved with thermal imaging cameras. This kind of thing sticks with people. Even though they don’t fully understand it, or you did not perform the service directly for them, when their family or associates have the need, you will get the referral.

I don’t think many of us can go on national TV like Steve Ramos.
Putting a thermal image on the side of a transit bus is probably the only time that advertising medium would work. I can hardly see where somebody would chase the bus to get a real estate agent’s telephone number so they could buy a house! But some of the extreme graphics you can produce with a thermal camera is catching to the eye so use it to your advantage.

Card racks, business cards etc. really stand out on the bulletin board!

Currently, I have been offering the service free to those purchasing a home inspection simply because no one has heard of it and I want everyone to see it and talk about it. I am ranking well for terms like “Florence SC Infrared Thermal Imaging” and many other terms naturally. The problem is no one is looking for this service online and traffic has been minimal. I have dropped copies of the Consumers Guide video off at all the main real estate offices trying to get brokers to do a presentation during a sales meeting and thus far I have had one which went well. I guess it is just a matter of time.

I am thinking of having a truck wrap designed with infrared images.

David, I like the rank card you have. Where are you placing the rack cards? Have you had any resistance getting them placed. How are you getting them in the hands of the sellers.

I have thought about doing a postcard mailing to every home in my area with the parameters of 5 years of older, minimum value of $100,000, and income of $50,000 or more. My only issue with that is I have tried builders warranty postcard mailings in the past and barely broke even. And with the economy as tight as it is, I feel I probably should hold off until after Christmas.

In the current market I think that marketing is slower than my actual inspection volume! If that makes any sense.

The important thing is that you get a base for referral work started, even if it’s just one office or one real estate agent or one industrial company. Don’t do the shotgun affect.

In this market, you really need to get face-to-face with your people. People have basically turned off their purchasing mode because of all the negative media on the airwaves.
Even though it makes perfect sense to you, they just don’t see it.

You must promote what they are going to get out of it besides a low price service. None of us have enough capital or current exposure to do what other big companies are doing (and they’re not staying afloat). Use your cards and mailers strategically. Design them to get yourself in front of a potential client. Make a flipbook or a PowerPoint presentation so that when you get in their face you can get through the program efficiently and not waste their time. It takes more than a postcard to get them to call you these days. That’s just the way it is.

You asked me how I use my card: it is basically a giant business card. I deliver it to anyone that will listen with a “oh, by the way…” here’s something you might want to look at. It is a vehicle to drive them to my website to be educated and hopefully will call or will be better informed next time I drop by. I do not stuff racks that realtors offices etc. when people ask what thermal imaging is, out comes my flir with a nice picture on the front showing a ceiling water leak that nobody knew about. There is a story that goes with that picture and I get to tell it. Your pictures should be yours not those from the Internet so you have a real story to tell and they don’t see the same picture everywhere they look. I would say that 90% of the infrared sites on the Internet steal with permission or without.

Try to be friendly. Tell stories (people love stories). And offer your assistance (in other words, put your service in perspective with them).

Again, your goal is to find one person that will listen to you. Use this contact to get in front of their associates and present a formal presentation. Have them receive your newsletters and e-mails without perceiving them as spam and throwing them away before they read them. Give them something. Eventually they will see the need for your service once they personally encounter a situation where you can help.

When other people/companies see what you have created on the other side of the street they will begin to also seek you out.

  1. Build a great website
  2. set-up a Google AdWords campaign specifically for infrared applications
  3. Mail out post cards, newsletters, brochures, etc. to all your past client, Realtors, and everyone you know. Let people know you are now offering IR services.